Increase Willpower to Push Through the Hard Time

Do you ever feel like there are times you feel weak and give in to your cravings, avoid the gym, glued to the couch, surfing the web for hours on end, Netlfix binge watching, drinking more than you planned, etc.

We've all been there. What we need is more willpower. But before that, we need to know what willpower is. Willpower gives you the strength to stay on track with your fitness journey, with your nutrition plan, and with your positive lifestyle habits.

Willpower gives you a solid foundation and staying firm with saying no to temptations like procrastinating your workout or saying no to night outs that you know will not only slow down your progress but reverse some of it.

Have you ever wondered why you have less willpower at the end of the day? That's because willpower, among other principles, is an exhaustible resource. That means we run out of it after using our willpower. It's like a gas tank that can only hold a certain amount of fuel. The more we drive (or use our willpower) the more we use up precious gas.

This is why we give in to binge eating or drinking a whole bottle of wine or skip evening workouts more than morning workouts. It's because when we're at work or school, we use our willpower to do the necessary daily tasks, dealing with difficult peers, and other stressors that require or willpower. So at the end of the day, we run out of willpower and we do the things we have been avoiding to do for most of the day! 

There are credible studies showing how willpower diminishes throughout the day and one of the best researchers you can look up is Roy Baumeister. More on this on the next blog post in the near future.

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